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We saw her just kill a Savior in cold blood and ship him back to Negan in a coffin. Don't forget your friends and family! Lonzo Ball's Girlfriend Announces Pregnancy.

No bitching if your post is removed for being a shitpost. Lots of cum on her tits. Just because something is zombie-related doesn't automatically make it TWD-related. If you criticize stuff that deserves criticism then fine, you're a critical fan. Women of walking dead nude. We tried to not really play favorites or anything but Maggie is obviously number one. The year-old has been working for quite some time, best known for her role on Zoey Not what I meant.

Beth Keener played Annie, an Alexandria resident. NSFW picture available on my Patreon only. Of course, Daryl shot Officer Dawn immediately after, because screw her.

We reserve the right to moderate at our own discretion. All content that is unrelated to The Walking Dead will be removed this includes generic image macros and reaction images. Sexy girls in white jeans. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Do not include spoilers of either kind within the title of your post. Others on this list have appeared in almost every episode, with no signs of going anywhere soon. Iconic 90's Rock Singer Dies At She is also the levelheaded officer who keeps the situation from escalating after both Beth and Dawn were shot.

A post shared by Andrew Tarusov askandy on Feb 28, at Then his eyes drop, his eyebrows lift and his eyes grow wide. Maggie is basically a superhero in that scene. Bonus points if they show a flashback to the naked person struggling against a single walker. Zombie apocalypse survival rule 5: It took the writers five or six seasons, but we finally have some openly gay characters on TWD.

My ideal naked zombie is a freshly turned woman in clown make up. Does Maggie need a wet nurse for her newborn? I want to see Maggie titties. Since then, her character has done several kickass things, like helping Glenn get back to Maggie at all costs. Milf anal group sex. Even though she's long gone, her stint on The Walking Dead as actually very long in terms of the show.

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Beth Keener played Annie, an Alexandria resident.

Goossen only appeared in one episode as Michelle, a Savior who held Carol and Maggie prisoner. Lesbian movie scenes porn. Clearly, the balance has shifted. Christian Serratos doesn't need fake eyelashes or to have her face contoured.

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No bitching if your post is removed for being a shitpost. In today's climate, if they show a naked chick, the SJWs will bitch and moan about exploitation of dead women or some such BS. Of course, Alicia Witt, who played Paula, the red headed Savior in charge, gets most the attention in that episode. There is no glamorous lighting. He knows there's no escape, he's going to die, and yet—. But you got your wish, right?

Jesus Christ, will someone just put a bullet in this horse's head already? We will not censor our IRC channel, because it is a great medium for free speech and we support that. Women of walking dead nude. But wait, there she goes? Of course, she went off the deep end after Bob and Tyreese both died. Good sex toys for lesbians. Zombie apocalypse survival rule Even though she tried to kill Maggie and baby Glenn, Goossen was still really good looking while being evil. Alexandra Breckenridge played Jessie Anderson, who was perfectly fine as a character.

A post shared by Andrew Tarusov askandy on Mar 9, at 2: What am I gonna do with these big-ass dead titties? It was BARE to the bone. In the scene, Rick approaches the junkyard to find Jadis building a sculpture of a tiger, wearing nothing but a red apron. Andrea then hops down off the wall and stabs the zombie, which really pissed off Haley, even though she sucked at trying to shoot it.

She shoots 3 zombies before she runs out of ammo and is eaten. Duke Harten2 years ago 0 5 min read 0. Also, what the hell was Abraham thinking? And the walkers aren't exactly the type to be prudish and not bite someone while they're asleep or otherwise in the nuddy.

We want to keep our subreddit legit for the cast and crew that have worked with us past and future. Bangbros backroom milf. A woman who built and now leads the Alexandria Safe-Zone in a post-apocalyptic zombie-ridden hellscape? Cohan played Martha Wayne in Batman v Superman:

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