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Maria jose cristerna nude

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There must be something about the way you present yourself as a whole. Naked sexy ladies pics. Why not just be happy with what you were born with? Unknown February 9, at 7: Weird we call it gauging here too, and had up to a 4 gauge at one point.

They also cant discriminate against it as some people have them religious reasons. Ray Finks Naked Campus. What'sHerName September 13, at 1: While I don't feel the need to argue with people who don't like ear stretching, who think it's gross, or who find it unprofessional, I do have something to add to the discussion. Maria jose cristerna nude. It is nice reading what other people think about body modifications, because it helps me understand the way people usually see us, and how to better help you understand. I never look at someone and think ew our oh i hate that person because of their look our race or religion.

Pat Peach Naked Campus. But employers have the right to decide who they want to represent their company; if ear stretching is perceived as off-putting to potential customers, then they might decide not to hire that person. Don't jump to a conclusion too fast because it sounds like she is going fairly and reasonably small. I'm sorry; but this is crazy. Big juggs nude. Month 2 of Insanity is Horrible. But there can only be so many edge jobs out there at edgy bookstores and coffee shops, right?

I have found some very nice plugs that basically make it look like you're simply wearing large studs. I like how you did say people shouldn't do it to "look cool". Judging someone because of body mods is discrimination.

I would suspect many women who have stretched ears could definitely wear these to work and look completely professional. I don't have gauged ears, I am 16 years old, living a promising life. BUT,my ears are only stretched to a 00g,which is 10mm,so they're a good size,but not so large that they distort or change the shape of my earlobe.

There's a big difference between "caring what people think" and "caring what potential employers think, because like it or not, you need to be employed to be able to afford food and shelter". They were like toys against that wicked thing.

As someone who's stretching too working my way up to a 6g, possibly 4git's just something that's piqued my interest in the last couple of years It looks like it may take several more. It is not a fad. If you haven't seen this movie, you must watch it, if only to see Warren B Robert Burck gets takes a knee while saying a prayer in the bathroom of a car garage before taking to the streets of Times Square, New York City, June 6, The cough that found me that rainy yesterday, had promised to burn me in the most devilish of ways.

It's about being a professional.

Maria jose cristerna nude

IE users - add the link to your Favorites under the Links folder View on Flickriver open on same page View on Flickriver open on new page. Old english milf. Personally I would never put anything on my body, or do anything to it I didn't find aesthetically pleasing.

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Some of the judgement is pretty harsh, and condescending to the individual with body mods who you're making a lot of assumptions about by trying to analyze and categorize every fucker, metaphorically packaging, labeling, and stowing them away on a self - which in itself is objectifying.

I was also an athlete in high school, am fairly fit, somewhat good looking, have volunteered to help people with developmental disabilities and am going to school to be an economist. We live in a country that considers it a little outside the norm. Low tits tumblr. Even though the employer doesn't have the right to limit a person's possible employability they will do it anyway.

It is nice reading what other people think about body modifications, because it helps me understand the way people usually see us, and how to better help you understand. Maria jose cristerna nude. Lots of college and highschool kids here have stretched their earlobes. I don't care for that jumping on the bandwagon kind of thing. But now because your ears are "normal" you're enlightened and better. Well unless someone thinks killing people is fun, but you get my point At least not yet.

Flight Attendant Extraordinaire March 24, at Now get this straight, these were jobs were I'd be managing a server or doing data clean up, so no customers would ever even see me. The size she wants is very small and will shrink back to normal if she takes them out.

Of course there will be those people who frown upon it that's their problem, but it should not stop someone if its really in their heart to do so. Michelle milf hunter. Bryan Clever September 29, at Much luck to you and your niece. I believe, as our society grows, we need to understand that as a culture, everything evolves and changes.

I attend a university and have 3. Some people quickly do, others never do. Just like tattoos, some look great with it and others not so much. It is obviously apparent that people who have giant ear holes are desperately seeking any kind of attention from other people and trying to fit into a societal mold of who they want to be perceived as.

I am responsible, I am good hearted, I am open minded, I am a hard worker, I am strong willed and opinionated, and I am proud to be who I am. Rachel Pritchett August 14, at 1: What'sHerName September 13, at 1: I don't know much about it obviously and the term she used was "gauging," so that's what I used.

Thus, wearers of skin-tight latex or PVC garments may be perceived by the viewer as being naked, or simply coated in a shiny substance. I joined the military with gauges larger than an 8 think they were 4guage at the time and had no issues there that was back in and since, have worked as technical support for Dell computers, as customer service for business accounts for sprint, and currently work as a server while I go back to school at an upscale restaurant in the Prudential building Stretching, piercing, tattoos, etc, has been around longer than any of us have been alive.

That is a clear example of taking something and abusing it. Sexy ice girls. I have stretched ears as well as many tattoos.

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Jim Pettyjohn Naked Campus. I have had stretched ears for a while now and I am currently at size 4g 5 mm. Did I miss the memo where this is the new "cool" thing to do?

She's mentioned teaching English. Www xxx sexy mom com. While I don't feel the need to argue with people who don't like ear stretching, who think it's gross, or who find it unprofessional, I do have something to add to the discussion. Just because I like it doesn't mean you have to either. Naked and famous portland That may be true where you live, but where I live, in northern Michigan, there are TONS of places that hire people with stretched lobes, piercings, tattoos, etc. I am a great employee, especially with the fact that I am also going to college full time, planning a wedding, moving into my new home until my house is built fully paid for by myselftaking care of my disabled fiance, AND 5 months pregnant.

Also, all the points you made are VERY valid. Maria jose cristerna nude. Cabbiethegreat May 11, at 7: Someone in the more public sectors will have a more difficult finding work but any type of office job or whatnot is usually less so. Bagpipers from Romania's Vrancea region perform as they take part in a St. Amrita rao nude pics. My life is grand.

This is the reaction I want.

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CURVY REDHEAD MILFS Also I really do believe tattoos, most piercings, and body alterations like breast implants are all for attention seekers. Of course, that's a cosmetic procedure and you have to pay out your own pocket.
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Sia leaked nude pics First I think "Ouch! Possibly the best comment made in this entire thread!
Naked tommy rugrats Allow them to make mistakes, let them learn what is right and wrong.

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February 17, Posted in Sponsored by fleshbot. Create a new Playlist. The thing about self-inflicted body shame and self-loathing is that it seeps into other aspects of your life. January 11, Posted in straight by holly-kingstown. But because so many publications use photoshop to enhance the way women look, she has no choice but to share her own images.

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