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Safe passage on your travels, until our final journey to the ground.

Don't spoiler other shows on the subreddit. He called the casting a "no-brainer"; she did not audition for the role, but was rather offered it. Sexy ice girls. We follow and enforce all Reddit sitewide rules. The 100 lesbian kiss. Clarke has the strength and the integrity to do what must be done in order to ensure the survival of her people. Debnam-Carey appreciated the fact the writers did not make a big deal of defining either characters' sexuality or their romantic relationship.

Retrieved March 8, That there is such a huge outcry and feeling of hurt and betrayal should be proof enough in itself that something was wrong. It is in this moment that Clarke shows Lexa mercy by mercy-killing Finn.

Lexa The television character First appearance " Fog of War " 2. Their interactions are allowed to be just that, interactions between characters we care about, not a device meant to serve an identity plot.

With other shows I feel like if they don't state at least once each episode that their characters are supposed to be a gay couple you would simply forget it. She will treat Clarke as she treats herself. Complete nude pics. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. In the it was the other way around. Yah one of the decisions of s5 for a certain character was awful, especially her ending. Watch the interview here: No, I heard it was 10, people! I don't want to recommend this show because it may be too teen but if you want to watch pure trashy girly teen show try South of Nowhere.

From Strangers to Soulmates. Lexa was not expecting Clarke to win, and to subsequently become a legend. In "Long Into an Abyss," with the Grounders' deadline imminent, Abby Clarke's mother and Jaha disagree over what the survivors are to do; Jaha wishes to evacuate to the so-called 'City of Light', while Abby wants to remain behind to rescue other members. In "Remember Me," Clarke and a group from the Ark set off to a Grounder camp Tondc to complete their agreement for a truce.

Lexa allows Clarke's return to Arkadia to tell Bellamy and the others to step down. We conduct discussions the night of airing and the morning after while the show is airing.

Pour their hopes and dreams into. That's so damn sexy. Will our hearts ever stop breaking? Notify me of follow-up comments by email. What the two women have been through and what they have each done is something that haunts them both. Kim naked pics. While Lexa may have been justifying her decision of their escape as her saving Clarke to maintain the integrity of their truce and in order to get her people out of Mount Weather and to defeat the Mountain Men, it is in this moment that she actually admits that there was an ulterior motive.

Lexa feels things, she struggles with things, and she experiences pain and heartache. The writers designed Lexa as a proud and wise warrior who keeps her feelings very guarded, and as someone who is usually unable to show she cares for people.

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Retrieved May 5, Clarke suggests that maybe someday they will owe nothing more to their people, and Lexa responds with "May we meet again.

Forever daydreaming about fictional characters. Jessie minx tits. What some people don't get about those labels is that for some in the LGBTQ community, those labels bring comfort, and take the guess work out of who it's okay to like. It is the ultimate expression of their connection to one another. Like that is clearly a very high number and I am certain that people would complain if shows were killing all characters off at this rate.

Later, Clarke goes into Lexa's room and realizes she is saying goodbye. The 100 lesbian kiss. They exemplify the strength of women and how women can be leaders and how women are just as strong as men. Retrieved September 19, However, these characters have had a romantic relationship since their first kiss in Season Two.

And that is what makes this moment so special. In an interview with Entertainment Weeklyshe said she was "surprised by the intensity and the fury" that came from fans and she did not think "anyone on the show expected such social outcry. This is shown when Roan gives Clarke a knife to kill Lexa with. Hot naked beyonce. Did I miss one or some? And when Lexa agrees to battle Roan to the death, Clarke, the woman who had only weeks before hated the Commander, cannot bear the thought of seeing her die, and she takes matters into her own hands in an attempt to save the woman who she is slowly realizing her love for.

The revolutionary thing about Clexa was that you didn't need anybody on the show stating that they were falling for each other. And as usual, Lexa tries to comfort Clarke, telling her not to be afraid. When there is chemistry you should feel it no matter your own sexuality.

These badass women are fighting wars and winning hearts… eachothers that is. They found their only solace in one another, and they offered each other a comfort and an understanding that nobody else could. With Debnam-Carey's limited role on the series, Rothenberg contemplated how best to continue or end Lexa's story.

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The more women you put on a show, the less you have to worry about each one being The Perfect Representation of Womanhood. Same here, I think T really broadened my views on LGBT relationships, like I didn't even know queerbaiting was a thing until the recent events.

Clarke, a teenager who has taken on a leader role for her camp, realizes she no longer recognizes Finn, her one-time lover. She and Clarke later bond as Clarke tends to her wounds. Lesbian mature seduction porn. Both Clarke and Lexa spend much of the show struggling with whether they can allow themselves to feel human emotions and still have the strength to survive; the context for their kiss is that Clarke has just wondered out loud whether maybe both of them might deserve more than just survival.

I have to agree.

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Jaha and Kane, two former leaders of the Ark, are told that one of them must kill the other to have even a chance at speaking with the commander of the Grounders.

I tweeted a little about it but truthfully for me it was kinda expected. I am a 20 year old black guy who didn't care much about Lesbians or the LGBT community before watching The season 2. Discussing the situation, Titus wants Lexa to destroy the thirteenth clan while Clarke thinks they just need time to take out Pike from the inside. Naked black girls with big booty. I was like "WTF why is she looking at her like she wants to bang her, do these 2 actors have some kind of relationship offset or something?

The fans of one show have revolted". With other shows I feel like if they don't state at least once each episode that their characters are supposed to be a gay couple you would simply forget it. I was really upset when she was killed off on Buffy, which is when I first became aware of the trope thing. Thank you for this, Allison. Desi nude exbii But I hold on to the colour of your eyes, and the slopes of your cheeks, and the way your palms cradle my heavy head— And I am reminded that I almost rearranged the entire universe for you.

The interview took place at the Wonder Con in Los Angeles, where there was plenty of discussion about the show's controversial choice to kill lesbian warrior Lexa with a stray bullet moments after she and bisexual lead character Clarke consumated their relationship. The 100 lesbian kiss. And she has only just allowed herself to have what she wants and embrace their bond. Thinking she could keep her alliance together, the 12 clans, because they would still have this evil empire out there to unite them," he stated.

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