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As one main institute of CAFUC (Civil Aviation Flight University of China, which is one of the largest flight university in the world), AEI (Aviation Engineering Institute) is dedicated to foster advanced applied personnel mastering safety management and maintenance of aero aircraft, engine, electronic equipment. The graduate can be competent for science research, technology development, engineering maintenance and technology management in civil aviation.

AEI owns various types of airplanes and engines for assembly/disassembly practice. CAFUC owes Aircraft Maintenance Base, AEMTC (Aero Engine Maintenance Training Center), Simulator Training Center, Aircraft Maintenance Factory and other line maintenance bases can be used for students practice. Besides AEI has About 20 professional labs such as digital maintenance lab, electronic measure and maintenance lab, structure and strength lab and one engine exhibition room , one airplane exhibition room.

AEI has worldwide international cooperation. AEMTC is a typical cooperation center with France and U.S. AEI has cooperation with aviation manufactory and maintenance enterprise such as Boeing、Airbus、GE、RR、SAFRAN 、LYCOMING、HONEYWELL、S-TEC、HARTZELL、 CESSNA、 SOCATA etc. AEI also has cooperation with airlines in the world and cooperation with university and institute in the world.

The staff in AEI is skillful. 90% of the 50 teachers possess Ph.D. degree or Master degree. There is 27professors and associate professors among them, including the experts who have been awarded the State Special Subsidy. The professors are well-known in the fields of aircraft, engine, electronics and aviation safety in civil aviation. AEI have 3 Excellent Courses awarded by Sichuan province. AEI have won more than 20 provincial or ministerial awards for outstanding achievements in scientific research and teaching research.

AEI offers three majors for undergraduates:

  • Thermal Energy and Powerplant Engineering

  • Electronic and Information Engineering

  • Safety Engineering

More than 300 students were enrolled in AEI every year.

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