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Fight Safety Division (FSD) is responsible for the flight teaching and training in Civil Aviation Flight University of China (CAFUC). The following are the duties and responsibilities of FSD.

1. Formulation of the university annual flight teaching and training program, process control, training quality supervision.

2. Implementation of the university flight teaching and training program, and rules, standards and regulations issued by Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC).

3. Management of flight license and technology training.

4. Management of flight safety check and related training.

5. Setup of university training syllbus and training materials.

6. Management of student pilot exchange and private pilot training, and employment of international flight instructors.

Flight Training Program

I. Flight license center is an examination office entrusted by CAAC to carry out flight staffs license examination. All student pilots shall pass the following examinations: private pilot license, commercial pilot license, airline transportation pilot license,and instrument rating examination.
Students can apply for all examinations direct to the center or through the internet.
The requirement for application: examination certificate, ID card, flight experience notebook signed by authorized instructor.

II. Student pilot training:
primary trainer: 147 hours in aircraft, 43 hours in simulator;
midium trainer: 25 hours in aircraft, 5 hours in simulator;
advanced trainer: 35 hours in aircraft, 5 hours in simulator. Total price: 655 thousand yuan(about $80,000 ) in four year.

III. Private pilot training:
primary trainer: 35 hours in aircraft, 5hours in simulator. The price depends on the types of aircraft you choose.

IV. The employment of international flight instructors

Basic requirements:

1. Flight instructor should have commercial pilot license or airline transportation pilot license and valid flight instructor license. Pilot license and flight instructor license should correspond to the category, class and type of training aircraft. Instrument rating license is required if necessary.

2. Corresponding to current flight experience required by Items No. 61 of CCAR61.

3. valid health examination certificate issued by CAAC.

Related procedure:

1. The university personnel division, flight safety division, foreign affairs office (if required) and flight college are taken charge of the employment of international flight instructors.

2. Flight safety division is responsible for confirming and converting the flight instructor's international license.

3. the international flight instructor shall pass the flight procedure and controlling ability test carried out by director instructor or assistant director instructor.

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