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The Department of Studies is under the management of the university, which determines the developing plans of the educational cause, suggests the objectives and plans of educational reform, makes the teaching plans, makes regulations concerning teaching, organizes the teaching management of the university, and tries every means to promote the teaching quality in accordance of the university's instructive idea of running the school and developing policies.

In the recent years, the Department of Studies of CAFUC constantly renews the idea of education. The education reform featuring the teaching contents and course system, the teaching methodology, and the modern teaching means, has been propelled; the teaching administration has been improved and the standardized, scientific management system has been established. Attaching importance to the teaching quality management, the department established and optimized the teaching quality guarantee and monitoring system. It lays the solid foundation for cultivating the talents with more creativity and adaptation ability.

The duties of the department:

1. Carry out the guidelines, principles of the CPC, and the policies and the laws related to the higher education; set down the educational development plans, the specialty layout and the teaching reform blueprints according to the requirements of the governing body and the reality of the university, and implement them with authorization.

2. Take charge of mapping out the teaching plans of all schools in the university and implement them; organize the censuring of the syllabus of all courses; map out and implement the rules and regulations of teaching management.

3. Take charge of the adult education work serving the public and keep contact with the clients; coordinate the relationships among the schools.

4. Take charge of the management of teaching research projects; organize the special subsidy of CAAC and apply, censor and evaluate the teaching foundation projects.

5. Take charge of the daily teaching management; maintain the normal teaching order and examine and evaluate the teaching quality.

6. Take charge of the construction work of the textbooks; organize the compiling design of the textbooks by the university itself; organize the censoring and picking and choosing of good textbooks; set down the plan of the ordering, printing and publishing the textbooks.

7. Organize the mapping out of the course construction design and the picking and choosing of excellent courses of the university.

8. Assist the concerning departments of the university to survey and explore the students sources and job market.

9. Finish other works assigned by the university.

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