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1. Carry out the state's policies and regulations concerning scientific research; suggest the university's direction and strategy of scientific development, and make medium and long term developing plans; make the regulations concerning scientific development and organize to put those in practice.

2. Promote the connection with the relevant departments of the state, CAAC and the Province, and organize the university's application of all kinds of vertical oriented scientific projects, especially the significant projects; organize the university's relevant departments to enhance the horizontal connection with other enterprise and non-enterprise units as well as the scientific research institutes, so as to introduce the projects into the university; organize to examine and approve the projects of the university's Scientific Research Fund.

3. Examine strictly the contracts of the projects, organize the feasibility study of the important projects and approve strictly in accordance with the procedure, and organize the selection of the person-in-charge of the important projects.

4. Supervise and inspect the horizontal/vertical scientific research projects and university's Scientific Research Fund projects, and carry out the check focusing on important projects, and keep close connection with the entrusted party. In event of unfulfilled projects, the Division of Scientific Research will take necessary measures to urge the concerning parties to carry out the fulfillment.

5. Organize the project check and acceptance, project's application for the awards and project filing; coordinate and organize the project group across different colleges and subjects; be responsible for the supervision and management of the university's scientific research institutes; instruct the students' scientific and research activities.

6. Make the standard of measuring of the university, management regulations and developing plans of the standardization works, carry out the measuring and standardization laws, carry out the inspecting work of the university's measuring and standardization. Be responsible for the training and checking work of the university's stuff workers of measuring and standardization.

7. Be responsible for the collection, packing and filing, translation and exchange of the aeronautical technological information, be responsible for the organization of academic seminars outside the university, and all kinds of academic sessions inside the university.

8. Be responsible for the organization of scientific exchanges with the other associations, societies and science and technology exchange websites outside the university, as well as other universities and scientific research units. Inspect and approve the exchange with outside units, technical guidance and technical secret safeguard.

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